Our highly experienced detailers will efficiently take Care of your vehicle’s exterior using high-end materials which depend on the status of your Car body paint. Other than that, every panel is Carefully checked and the paint level is measured to ensure that the clear coat is protected, as well as having an evenly shine reflection.


Interior cleaning with air & vacuum
Shampoo application & cleaning
Degreasing the Wheel & Rim
High-Pressure water wash
General interior cleaning
Cleaning and dressing the Engine bay
Removing contaminants by using clay bar treatment
Polishing procedure with polishing machines
Cleaning and polishing the weather strips & rubbers
Cleaning and polishing the tires
Polishing the plastic trims


Preserves paint condition
Protects and corrects the body paints
Dullness will turn into brightness
It gives glossiness to your vehicle
Eliminates light scratches, swirl marks, and holograms
Eliminates bird drops and tree sap
Preserves the vehicle value

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